Notice Regarding RMAP Russia-Based Auditees

September 19, 2022

Since the initial Russian invasion of Ukraine, the RMI has reviewed evolving legal compliance requirements and broader risks associated with facilitating audits in Russia, with consideration for implications for our organization and membership. 
Based on this considered review, the RMI will suspend new RMAP assessments in Russia, effective immediately. The suspension of assessments will impact auditees currently on the Conformant and Active lists, as outlined below. This suspension is informed by the RMI’s commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and to its broader mission and vision.

The suspension of RMAP assessments in Russia will impact inclusion of auditees in Russia on the public RMAP Conformant and Active lists, available here. Russian auditees will be removed from the Active or Conformant list in September or January, based on auditees’ last RMAP assessment and in keeping with RMAP Conformant list removal procedures, in two categories:

  1. Any Active or Conformant Russian auditees which have passed the one-year mark for an assessment and did not receive a re-assessment and determination letter confirming conformance by September 1, 2022, will be removed by September 30, 2022.
  1. Any Conformant Russian auditees that pass the one-year mark after October 1, 2022, will be removed from the Conformant List on January 31, 2023.

Companies are responsible for their own sourcing decisions, including selecting suppliers and counterparties, and should review all applicable laws with their legal counsel before making such decisions. RMAP assessments are not a material validation, and a facility’s conformant status or lapse does not confer approval or ban of minerals or related products.

The RMI will review the suspension of assessments in Russia based on future developments addressing legal compliance and other risks. Facilities that meet the relevant definition in RMAP standards and are operational would be eligible for an assessment at the time that assessments are resumed in Russia.