Other Issues

Investors, consumers and environmental and human rights groups are appealing to companies to engage business partners in efforts to address negative impacts associated with their activities and source responsibly. Increasingly, regulations require companies to conduct due diligence on their supply chains and to take action to identify and mitigate social, environmental and governance risks.

What We Do

Supply chains of companies today are highly complex. To meet the challenge of conducting due diligence, appropriately monitor performance and enable improvements at the operations of their suppliers, companies need tailored information on the environmental, social and governance risks in their supply chains. The RMI provides such information through its tools and resources:

  • The Material Change report was commissioned by Drive and the RMI and completed in 2018. It assesses the importance of 37 materials to automotive and electronic industries and evaluates environmental, social and governance risks for those materials at industry levels.
  • The Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA) is a voluntary self-assessment and self-reporting tool for minerals and metals producers and processors to communicate their environmental, social and governance practices and performance. Its main objective is to promote a common understanding of good practices and a means to consistently assess risks and actions to manage risks in mineral supply chains.
  • The Country Risk Assessment Portal allows users to identify and compare governance, human rights, and conflict risk indices across geographic regions globally.

What You Can Do

Learn more about the actions you can take to source responsibly:

Join the RMI and engage with peers, industry organizations and stakeholders to develop, share and utilize tools and resources for responsible minerals sourcing.